Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stuffing isn't just for your turkey!

This is the time of year for stuffing; both literally and figuratively. When you think of Thanksgiving most people immediately recognize the food that goes with the holiday. Magazines don the ever so tantalizing pumpkin pie and golden glazed turkey on their covers. Moms are getting their lists made and rejecting any idea of a new recipe suggested by her grown children.

Yet there is a special magic the way everyone works together (or at least the women) to get a beautiful well thought out dinner on the table. Usually we spend all evening the night before and all day the day of trying to make it all work together. My mom is the mastermind behind our dinner and she delegates the homemade rolls, pies, and side dishes to each of us.

So we prepare the stuffing, turkey, salad, pies, rolls, and sweet potatoes to gorge ourselves on for just one meal. We literally “stuff” ourselves with food and then lay on the couches in a turkey coma. We pour leftovers in to Ziploc bags and Tupperware to eat at a later date – or sometimes it just keeps our fridge company until we find it a week later and then it is subject to the garbage can. This kind of stuffing is not only fun but delicious.

The next type of stuffing we do is we usually stuff ourselves with gratitude. We remember and give thanks for the blessings that we have received during the year. I’m sure all of you do this in some form. In my family after we’ve eaten the better part of our meal we go around the table and say what we are thankful for. I love doing this and listening to the stories of how other family members have been blessed that year. We usually have a huge amount of people at our dinners so this can take anywhere from one to sometimes two and a half hours!

As I reflect back on this year I know I will have many things to say at our dinner. In fact this entire blog is dedicated to the blessings we’ve received since Allan lost his job. Above all I’ve been absolutely touched by those of you who have shared with us your food, money, positive words, and opportunities to teach me. You have no idea how encouraging it has been for me to receive written comments, phone calls, and visits from those who have read my blog. You always wonder how you will be perceived by those looking in on your life through a small cyber window, but I can see that it has been a positive thing. Please continue to write, call, and share your own stories with me.

I’ve been trying to rack my brain about what I can do for all of you for Christmas. After much thought I have decided that the only thing I could do (and afford) is to share with you some special Christmas experiences that our family had. It will be the 12 Days of Christmas and starting the 14th you will get a special Christmas story every day all the way until the 25th complete with pictures. I hope you enjoy these stories because I have had a wonderful time writing them. They are both humorous, touching, and thoughtful. I hope you will read them and share them with your families.

My wish for all of you this Thanksgiving is that you stuff yourselves with all of the wonderful things you should be. Stuff yourselves with delicious food, stuff yourself with gratitude for what you have, and most importantly stuff yourselves with friends and family no matter how large or small. This season among other things is about the people that are put in your life and your relationships with them. Enjoy this time you get to spend with them and if you’re not together then call them! I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday weekend!

Much love,



  1. Yay! I can't wait! Kattie, I just printed my blog into a book and it is awesome! I think you should definitely plan on doing that as a keepsake for your family. Your writing is great and your stories are wonderful!

  2. Wow Kattie, I just found your blog link on Brie Schafer's blog and I must say, you are a very good writer! I had no idea. I look forward to your stories.

  3. Hahaha, I just saw Allan's website for the first time. Maybe I should have a song made about how Brett has vast training in therapy techniques and I am schooled in Behavior Modification so every conversation and, dare I say, argument at our house is an adventure!